Safety Must Always Come First

All companies, no matter what they make or what service they provide, look to be as efficient as possible. Keeping costs under control and maximizing efficiency are two key ways to make money and ensure continued growth. That is fine as long as any compromises being undertaken do not involve safety.

Safety is of paramount importance, not only for the company’s workers, but also any members of the public who may come into contact with the company and its services. Not looking after workers properly is just plain foolish; any money saved by cutting corners will certainly be lost following an accident and the subsequent reputation damage that occurs as a result.

For example, those employed by companies that restore old buildings must have public training for working at heights to ensure that they know how to do their jobs safely. The government has a program that ensures such safety training is carried out by company personnel who have the knowledge and background.

For example, Ontario employers with 20 or more workers must have an internal joint health and safety committee consisting of at least two people. One person must be a regular employee representing that part of the organization, while the other is a representative on behalf of management.

JHSC – Joint Health Safety Certification Part 1 is a program that provides the instruction for these individuals and is a course mandated by the provincial government. Those who graduate from JHSC 1 will be able to spot potential hazards and bring them to the attention of management. The subsequent changes will help to prevent any injuries that might occur on the premises while employees are going about their duties during the work week. These individuals can also educate fellow employees on how to detect any future hazards and report them.