Lifestyle Changes That People Need To Make


We live in a world where eating burgers and pasta everyday is the norm.  However, are we really aware of what we’re eating?  Do we think about food before we eat it?  I’m 100% guilty of craving junk food sometimes and going out to buy a couple bags of chips.  Then immediately after or the next day, I feel bloated and sluggish.  Then I think this easily could have been prevented if I just took a second to think about what I was about to put into my body.  And then I look at my two extra bags of chips and wonder what I was going to do with those.  I’m obviously not going to throw them out, but if I leave them in the house there’s no doubt that I’ll engulf them in the next couple of days (hours even).

We as a society need to learn self control and how to suppress our appetite when we’re craving junk food.  They say it takes two weeks to get rid of a craving, but just two seconds to plunge back into a craving.  We work so hard to keep a healthy lifestyle, but as soon as there’s any type of temptation, we go weak in the knees and eventually go back to eating unhealthy.  How can we continue our streak of eating healthy and exercising?  Because it is 100% possible to live a healthy lifestyle while also letting yourself eat whatever you want once in a while.  Not to worry because I’m here to help.